New Domain in the Works!

Hi Everyone! As you may have noticed, I have been inactive recently on BLNKGRID. This is because I’m working on moving my site over to a new domain name. In the process, I am currently working on renovating the new site with new content and an updated site theme. As of now, I plan to release the new website by November 15th! If you’re interested in seeing how my site ends up looking like, make sure you check back here around that time! Thanks, Vanessa

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My 7-Step Daytime Korean Skincare Routine

Since I have been posting articles regarding skincare, I find it important to share my daily skincare routine to give some background on how I treat my skin on a daily basis. I make sure to always allocate time for skincare in the morning before work or school, because I naturally have oily and acne-prone skin. My daytime Korean skincare routine typically consists of 7 steps (although I do skip out on some steps depending on how I feel about my skin that day). 1. Oil Cleanser I treat oil cleanser as an optional step during the day depending on how refreshed my skin feels upon waking up. Typically, I can get by with solely using a good gel cleanser in the morning. However, sometimes I like using my oil cleanser in the morning after wearing a lot of make-up the day before or if I think my skin is […]

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Trip Planning Guide: Two Weeks in Japan | Summer 2017

Later this summer, I will be going to Japan for two weeks with my boyfriend, Justin. We booked our flight and hotel a couple months ago. Currently, our plan is to explore Tokyo in-depth for two weeks with a side trip to Hakone for one (or two) days. It’s his first time out of the country, and I’m excited to travel with him for the first time. We are in process of planning our itinerary for the trip, and we have agreed to split the work evenly. In this post, I will go over the steps I take when planning a trip to Japan. After we have finished planning our trip, I will post an example itinerary for couples who are looking for a relaxing (and affordable) vacation in Japan. Hotel and Flight A couple months before starting detailed trip planning, I always start by researching hotel and flight options […]

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Airplane Travel Skincare for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

It is not a myth that traveling by airplane is harmful for your skin. The low humidity and high elevation in airplanes dries out skin, resulting in flaky or red skin. For people with oily and acne-prone skin, this also means pesky post-flight breakouts. Even though I absolutely love traveling and seeing what the world has to offer, I used to fear flying on an airplane because of what it would do to my skin. To be fair, landing in a foreign country with a face full of acne did not help with my confidence at all. However, after traveling to Korea and raising these concerns with some skincare specialists, I learned that a proper in-flight skincare regimen can help prevent post-flight acne. Here, are the skincare steps that help my skin stay hydrated to battle in-flight oil and acne. Cleansing For long-haul flights, it is essential to keep your […]

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5 College Student Destinations in Seoul, Korea

A photo of me in front of Yonsei University

Whether you are an international student studying abroad, a student at a Korean University, or a college student on vacation, Seoul has so much to offer in terms of entertainment and culture. While I was studying abroad at Yonsei University, I had the opportunity to explore many parts of Seoul with the friends that I met at the university. Note: Although I specifically gear this article towards college students because I experienced these cities while studying abroad, the destinations that I mention are worth visiting regardless of whether you are a college student or not. Hongdae I recommend a visit to Hongdae, also known as Hongik University Street (홍대), because of the city’s vibrant and youthful personality. Hongdae is home to hip cafes, unique fashion shops, skincare stores, art galleries, norebangs (karaoke), and a large selection of bars and clubs. During the day, the city is a wonderful place to […]

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A Day at Everland (에버랜드) | Korea Study Abroad

Everland Amusement Park in South Korea

While I was studying abroad in South Korea, I had a wonderful time visiting Everland, a local amusement park in Yongin. Although the most popular “worldwide” amusement parks (such as Disneyland and Universal Studios) are not located in Korea, there are still a handful of well-developed and entertaining ones. The amusement parks in South Korea are one-of-a-kind and cannot be found anywhere else in the world, making a trip to these parks fun and essential for travelers of all ages and backgrounds. Our group considered both Everland and Lotte World, and ultimately decided to visit Everland because it is a larger park and is more suitable for our age range and interests.   Transportation: Getting There Because Everland was far away from Sinchon, where our university was located, our day started out early in the morning. We took the subway from Sinchon and later transferred to a bus that took […]

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Vlogging in South Korea | Korea Study Abroad

A picture of me crossing a river in Seoul,South Korea

Prior to studying abroad in Korea, I purchased a GoPro camera so I would be able to film and document my experiences easily. I was completely new to the vlogging, filmmaking and video editing process, so I must admit that my first two videos could have been less shaky and better edited. For a while, I was embarrassed with the production quality of the video and was ashamed of my work because of the negative feedback that I received from anonymous viewers on YouTube. Because of this, I did not proudly post about my vlogs on my personal social media platforms or on BLNKGRID. However, after a year of reflection (and learning how to edit videos using Final Cut Pro), I’ve come to terms with the production quality of the vlogs that I produced while I was in Korea. Here are the first two vlogs that document my adventures and […]

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Personal Reflections | The Future of BLNKGRID

It’s been a year since my last post on BLNKGRID and I must admit that even though I intended to keep the blog active during the year, I was unable to because I had a difficult time balancing my school responsibilities with a part-time job and and extracurricular activities. My third year in college was significantly more difficult than I had anticipated, and as a result, I had to put BLNKGRID on the back burner. After finishing up my third year, I am now interning full-time for Paid Search (PPC/SEM) at iProspect, a digital marketing agency. By the end of the internship, I must have completed internship project related to SEO/SEM and present it in front of the entire office. I have decided to use this opportunity to improve upon BLNKGRID by implementing the SEO best practices and techniques that I have learned during the internship. Additionally, I will be […]

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A Week in Osaka and Kyoto: Summer 2016 | Photo Log

Uji, Japan

After studying abroad in Korea, my family and I took a week trip to Osaka, Japan (with a brief trip to Kyoto. It’s been two years since my last trip to Japan. This time around, however, I had more time to explore Osaka and Kyoto and appreciate Japan’s culture and history. Day 1 – Dotonbori The night after arriving at Hotel Elsereine in Osaka, I explored Dotonbori, a major tourist destination. Dotonbori runs between the Dotonboribashi bridge and the Nipponbashi bridge in the Namba district. It’s known for several famous landmarks, such as the Glico Man and the Kani Doraku crab, and a large variety of Japanese restaurants and shops. Day 2- Kuromon Market and Nara During my second day in Japan, I visited the famous Kuromon Market. There is a wide variety of fresh seafood, making it a huge tourist attraction. After exploring the Kuromon Market, my family and […]

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