Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

My first time visiting a Nature Republic store was during a trip to Hawaii in 2014.  I had already heard a lot about Nature Republic’s products prior to my visit, so I was really excited to see the products in person.  At first, I was surprised by the large selection of items at the store.  One of the sales representatives recommended me to try their Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, and it quickly became of my favorite products from that trip.

I usually prefer using this product over pure, fresh Aloe Vera mostly because it’s less messy and in a more convenient form.  Aloe Vera is great for soothing sun burnt skin, so this is my go-to product after a hike or a trip to the beach.  Additionally, this gel has anti-inflammatory characteristics and works to soothe redness and puffiness from acne.

One of my favorite experiences with this product was when I tried to quickly heal an acne scab on my face.  (Side note: Remember to refrain from picking blackheads if they’re not ready to come out yet!  I have a problem with picking at my skin when I’m incredibly stressed, and I had such a bad experience this one time that I’m probably too scared to do it ever again.) After spending a while looking up home remedies to heal acne scabs quickly online, I was left with two options — Neosporin and Aloe Vera.  I decided to go with the Aloe Vera route because Neosporin can clog pores, and I don’t want to deal with breaking out after healing the scab.  I reapplied a thick layer Aloe Vera gel at least three times for two days and my scab was almost nonexistent.  I was pretty surprised, since I expected the scab to last for a lot longer than that.

What I like about this gel is that it dries very quickly and never feels too thick on my face, as opposed to American Aloe Vera brands and gel from the actual plant.  It’s a lot more convenient and is in a portable container, which makes storage a lot easier.

However, there are downsides to this product.  I never wear this gel on my face when I’m outside of my house because it makes my face look oily and slightly plastic in a way.  Usually, I treat this product like a nighttime mask and I sleep with a thin layer of it on every three days or so.  Another common mistake consumers make with this product is that they use this gel to replace their daily moisturizer.  Personally, my skin does not get hydrated after using this product and for that reason, I only use it as I would use a mask (for brief periods of time to reduce redness).  Additionally, there is alcohol in this product, so I do not recommend those with incredibly sensitive skin to try it out.

There are similar Aloe Vera gels among other Korean skin care brands, but I have yet to check them out.  I would definitely recommend this Aloe Vera Soothing Gel for those who are looking for a convenient and portable way to soothe redness and puffiness.

Update (7/10/17): After studying abroad in Korea and trying similar products from different Korean skincare brands, I found that a lot of brands carry similar aloe soothing gel products. Because the contents are relatively simple and generic, most aloe soothing gel products from other Korean brands are of similar quality.

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