10 Facts You May Not Know About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city with the largest number of skyscrapers in the world

Hong Kong is well known for being a diverse region with global connections to many affluent foreign cities. It has become a popular location for tourists because of its unique food, shopping malls, and sightseeing opportunities. With so much to see and so many sights to take it, it’s easy to forget to notice and appreciate the little quirks about Hong Kong that make it a unique spot. Check out these 10 interesting facts about Hong Kong that you may not have known about! 1) Skyscrapers It becomes evident that Hong Kong is densely populated and bustling with life when we look at the number of tall buildings in the city. This lively city has 6,604 buildings that are considered high-rises. In one of the most densely populated cities in the world, skyscrapers are necessary to support the ever-growing population. In fact, Hong Kong is the city with the largest […]

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