My 7-Step Daytime Korean Skincare Routine

Since I have been posting articles regarding skincare, I find it important to share my daily skincare routine to give some background on how I treat my skin on a daily basis. I make sure to always allocate time for skincare in the morning before work or school, because I naturally have oily and acne-prone skin. My daytime Korean skincare routine typically consists of 7 steps (although I do skip out on some steps depending on how I feel about my skin that day). 1. Oil Cleanser I treat oil cleanser as an optional step during the day depending on how refreshed my skin feels upon waking up. Typically, I can get by with solely using a good gel cleanser in the morning. However, sometimes I like using my oil cleanser in the morning after wearing a lot of make-up the day before or if I think my skin is […]

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Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

My first time visiting a Nature Republic store was during a trip to Hawaii in 2014.  I had already heard a lot about Nature Republic’s products prior to my visit, so I was really excited to see the products in person.  At first, I was surprised by the large selection of items at the store.  One of the sales representatives recommended me to try their Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, and it quickly became of my favorite products from that trip. I usually prefer using this product over pure, fresh Aloe Vera mostly because it’s less messy and in a more convenient form.  Aloe Vera is great for soothing sun burnt skin, so this is my go-to product after a hike or a trip to the beach.  Additionally, this gel has anti-inflammatory characteristics and works to soothe redness and puffiness from acne. One of my favorite experiences […]

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