Vlogging in South Korea | Korea Study Abroad

A picture of me crossing a river in Seoul,South Korea

Prior to studying abroad in Korea, I purchased a GoPro camera so I would be able to film and document my experiences easily. I was completely new to the vlogging, filmmaking and video editing process, so I must admit that my first two videos could have been less shaky and better edited. For a while, I was embarrassed with the production quality of the video and was ashamed of my work because of the negative feedback that I received from anonymous viewers on YouTube. Because of this, I did not proudly post about my vlogs on my personal social media platforms or on BLNKGRID. However, after a year of reflection (and learning how to edit videos using Final Cut Pro), I’ve come to terms with the production quality of the vlogs that I produced while I was in Korea. Here are the first two vlogs that document my adventures and […]

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A Week in Osaka and Kyoto: Summer 2016 | Photo Log

Uji, Japan

After studying abroad in Korea, my family and I took a week trip to Osaka, Japan (with a brief trip to Kyoto. It’s been two years since my last trip to Japan. This time around, however, I had more time to explore Osaka and Kyoto and appreciate Japan’s culture and history. Day 1 – Dotonbori The night after arriving at Hotel Elsereine in Osaka, I explored Dotonbori, a major tourist destination. Dotonbori runs between the Dotonboribashi bridge and the Nipponbashi bridge in the Namba district. It’s known for several famous landmarks, such as the Glico Man and the Kani Doraku crab, and a large variety of Japanese restaurants and shops. Day 2- Kuromon Market and Nara During my second day in Japan, I visited the famous Kuromon Market. There is a wide variety of fresh seafood, making it a huge tourist attraction. After exploring the Kuromon Market, my family and […]

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Korea Study Abroad | A Summary

A couple weeks ago, I embarked on a life-changing experience as a Yonsei International Summer School student.  I lived in Sinchon (a bustling area in Seoul, South Korea) for six weeks as an international student and took three classes — Industrial Organization, International Economics, and Korean Economy.  Since I took part in the UCEAP program, the credits from the classes I took transfer easily into my major requirements. Since this crazy summer cannot be summed up in one single blog post, I’ll do a brief overview of my experience and will elaborate on specifics in the future posts. Academics The classes at Yonsei weren’t too difficult and I only had classes four days a week. However, my school days were long because my first class began at 9am and I finished classes at around 5pm. I lived in the SK Global dorms on campus and it was usually a 15-20 minute walk my class […]

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10 Facts You May Not Know About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city with the largest number of skyscrapers in the world

Hong Kong is well known for being a diverse region with global connections to many affluent foreign cities. It has become a popular location for tourists because of its unique food, shopping malls, and sightseeing opportunities. With so much to see and so many sights to take it, it’s easy to forget to notice and appreciate the little quirks about Hong Kong that make it a unique spot. Check out these 10 interesting facts about Hong Kong that you may not have known about! 1) Skyscrapers It becomes evident that Hong Kong is densely populated and bustling with life when we look at the number of tall buildings in the city. This lively city has 6,604 buildings that are considered high-rises. In one of the most densely populated cities in the world, skyscrapers are necessary to support the ever-growing population. In fact, Hong Kong is the city with the largest […]

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Travel Vlog | Cancun, Mexico | Summer 2015

Traveling to Cancun, Mexico for vacation.

Hi everyone! I made a vlog in an attempt to document my family trip to Cancun this summer. It’s my first time doing anything similar to this, so please watch and support! Trying to document my travels was a fun process.  This was definitely harder than expected (mad respect to all the travel vloggers out there). The beaches and cenotes in Mexico were absolutely breathtaking and the people were incredibly hospitable as well.  I was really blessed to be able to travel to this beautiful country with my family.  Hoping to have more chances to vlog, so subscribe to this YouTube channel for more adventures! Cancun – Summer 2015 Vlog

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Japanese Vending Machine Drinks You Should Try

Vending Machines in Tokyo, Japan.

Those who have visited Japan know that the Japanese value convenience and accessibility.  The popularity of vending machines reflects the country’s fast-paced lifestyle.  Home to 5.52 million vending machines, Japan is the country with the largest vending machine to land mass ratio.  There is a large variety of vending machines in Japan, from machines selling instant noodles to machines selling umbrellas.  However, vending machines that sell drinks are by far the most common. During my travels to Tokyo and Osaka in the summer of 2013, I found that vending machine drinks were perfect for relieving thirst in the humid and incredibly hot weather.  Whether it be browsing the bustling streets of Tokyo or hiking up famous castles in Osaka, I always seemed to have a canned or bottled drink in hand that I would purchase from a nearby vending machine.  Below, I have listed some of my favorite Japanese vending […]

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