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Everland Amusement Park in South Korea

While I was studying abroad in South Korea, I had a wonderful time visiting Everland, a local amusement park in Yongin. Although the most popular “worldwide” amusement parks (such as Disneyland and Universal Studios) are not located in Korea, there are still a handful of well-developed and entertaining ones. The amusement parks in South Korea are one-of-a-kind and cannot be found anywhere else in the world, making a trip to these parks fun and essential for travelers of all ages and backgrounds.

Our group considered both Everland and Lotte World, and ultimately decided to visit Everland because it is a larger park and is more suitable for our age range and interests.


Transportation: Getting There

Because Everland was far away from Sinchon, where our university was located, our day started out early in the morning. We took the subway from Sinchon and later transferred to a bus that took us to the amusement park itself. I would advise travelers to be aware of its distance from the heart of Seoul, and to plan the trip accordingly (this includes departure time from the park as well). For my friends and I, our commute from Sinchon included a 2 hour trip (with transfers), which meant that leaving Sinchon earlier was essential to maximizing time at the park.


Foreigner Discount

Luckily, everyone in our group qualified for the Everland Foreigner Discount. The coupon provides a discount for up to 4 foreigners if each individual shows their passport or a foreign I.D. card. For foreigners purchasing a one-day ticket to Everland, there is a 3,000 won discount.


Map and Facility Guide

Everland Map

This is a seasonal Everland Map. The current (updated map) is accessible from the Everland Website .

Everland Amenities Park Map

This is the Everland Facility Guide, which is accessible from the Everland Website .


Attraction Recommendations

The attractions at Everland were similar to the ones that are available at the larger amusement parks in California (Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios). Everland offers a large variety of different rides and attractions, which makes it an ideal destination for thrill-seekers of various ages and interests.
I recommend the Amazon Express for travelers seeking to have group fun with friends (or maybe even strangers). The Amazon Express is fun and unpredictable, and it is always entertaining to see one of your friends get splashed and soaked.



Unlike other amusement parks I’ve visited in the United States, the food at Everland was delicious and affordable. For lunch, I ordered noodles with soup as an attempt to be healthier. However, I was unable to resist a cup of Dip n’ Dots, and had it for desert after my meal.


Merchandise and Souvenirs

I would definitely recommend saving at least an hour for shopping while visiting the park. Everland exclusive merchandise is absolutely adorable and I honestly regret not purchasing more products during my visit. I bought a bucket hat (with ears and a tail) on sale for around 10,000 won, which is insanely cheap for an amusement park product. It’s good quality and cute, and I occasionally receive compliments on it when I wear the bucket hat to hikes in San Diego or Los Angeles.
Because Everland has multiple signature characters, there was so much cute character merchandise. For anyone who is a sucker for cute plushies and random accessories like me, shopping around at Everland is an attraction in itself.


Last Thoughts

Although the trip to Everland was long and exhausting, the many wonderful memories that I shared with my friends made the commute worth it. For anyone planning to travel to South Korea for an extended period of time, whether it be while studying abroad or for vacation, I would definitely recommend reserving one day for a trip to Everland. The park is uniquely Korean from the food, merchandise, to the rides and exhibits. After our commute back to Sinchon, my friends and I decided to eat Korean BBQ for dinner, which was the perfect conclusion to an amazing side trip.

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