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A picture of me crossing a river in Seoul,South Korea

Prior to studying abroad in Korea, I purchased a GoPro camera so I would be able to film and document my experiences easily. I was completely new to the vlogging, filmmaking and video editing process, so I must admit that my first two videos could have been less shaky and better edited. For a while, I was embarrassed with the production quality of the video and was ashamed of my work because of the negative feedback that I received from anonymous viewers on YouTube. Because of this, I did not proudly post about my vlogs on my personal social media platforms or on BLNKGRID.

However, after a year of reflection (and learning how to edit videos using Final Cut Pro), I’ve come to terms with the production quality of the vlogs that I produced while I was in Korea. Here are the first two vlogs that document my adventures and experiences while studying abroad at Yonsei University. I hope to continue producing vlogs with the left-over footage that remain in order to continue practicing video editing.

Here are the two vlogs that I filmed and edited while I was in Korea:

VLOG 1: Arrival and New Friends

The first vlog contains my departure to Korea and the first week of my travels. It was my first time traveling (and flying) alone, so I was very nervous in the beginning. However, thanks to the welcoming community at Yonsei and Seoul, I was able to slowly settle in and feel comfortable in the foreign country.

VLOG 2: Gyeongju and Busan

In my second vlog, my friends and I traveled to Busan as a side trip with UCEAP. The biggest perk about traveling abroad with the UCEAP program (which is available to all UC students) is that the program itself includes activities and field trips that Yonsei itself doesn’t offer. Because of that, UCEAP allows UC students to connect abroad and experience different parts of the culture as a group.

As of now, these are the two videos that I have created to document my experiences while studying abroad in Korea. I intend to continue posting pictures and stories about my adventures abroad (and maybe even create better vlogs since I have access to better editing software now). If you have any questions or suggestions about my travels to Korea, please let me know in the comments below!

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