Personal Reflections | The Future of BLNKGRID

It’s been a year since my last post on BLNKGRID and I must admit that even though I intended to keep the blog active during the year, I was unable to because I had a difficult time balancing my school responsibilities with a part-time job and and extracurricular activities. My third year in college was significantly more difficult than I had anticipated, and as a result, I had to put BLNKGRID on the back burner.

After finishing up my third year, I am now interning full-time for Paid Search (PPC/SEM) at iProspect, a digital marketing agency. By the end of the internship, I must have completed internship project related to SEO/SEM and present it in front of the entire office. I have decided to use this opportunity to improve upon BLNKGRID by implementing the SEO best practices and techniques that I have learned during the internship. Additionally, I will be creating a mock SEM campaign in order to simulate how I would implement Paid Search into BLNKGRID in the case that I decide to pursue e-Commerce.

This is all exciting news to me because I am now learning practical skills that I can directly apply to something that I’m passionate about but unfortunately, have been neglecting. I have set a goal to publish one post every week, so stay posted for more information about my past travels (and planning process for my upcoming trips)! Currently, these posts are scheduled to be released Monday at 8am PST.

Since last year, I have traveled to Canada and am currently planning a trip for the end of this summer. I’m excited to share photos and experiences from my previous travels as a college student. If there are any questions that you would like me to answer or any interesting topics you would like me to touch upon, feel free to comment below!

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